Our country, Namibia

Our country, Namibia

Our country, Namibia – often referred to as the land where desert meets the ocean is indeed one inspiring country. I always knew that somehow this country has brought some beauty to our souls and some peace to our minds. Figuring out what exactly it is about Namibia that did just that was the more complex part… 

As I sat and viewed the sunset – one of our very famous sunsets photographed very often for all the tourism magazines and websites – I asked myself… what is it about this country that anchors me. I’ve been on international holidays overseas and as beautiful and as amazing as it is, I always knew my roots will stay anchored in this place. 


The thing is – as the dryness of the desert meets the sometimes calm of the ocean and the sometimes rage of the ocean – just so did the people. We came from an era of hatred, racism and unfairness. It was said to be a time similar to a whirlwind. You didn’t know where it’ll take you, but either way be it good or bad, the road was tough. Somewhere along the line things changed. People changed. People forgave. People moved on and created something better. The old days were forgotten and the new days were set out to be an improvement. And yet it was…


Famous for our beautiful sunsets, sitting here gripped in the claws of this countries’ beautiful sunsets shining it’s light upon our vast lands I realized what it was indeed. No person can live without hope. No person can live without dreams of a better future. Namibia gives us exactly that. As sure as the sun will rise and will set over whatever it may be that happens here – it always gives us a God given, beautifully painted picture of our amazing country – no matter where you are. Just so – no matter what happens on earth, it shines a light on us of hope. Hope for peace. Hope for freedom. Hope for us to be who we are and to enjoy what we love. Hope that as sure as the sun will set (no matter what you are facing in life), just so the sun will rise and through it all – the journey will remain breathtakingly beautiful. Namibia is a reminder of how beautiful life itself can be. 


Tania Erasmus