Sea, Sunsets, smiles, sand and stars! – Our Namibia!

Sea, Sunsets, smiles, sand and stars! – Our Namibia!

That’s what I love about our country, Namibia!

When I first arrived in Namibia, what caught my attention were the vast open spaces of the south and friendly people waving as we drove by!  Such a friendly nation, I thought! This beautiful culture of friendliness fascinates me!

To give or receive a smile a day, costs nothing!  A smile is worth more than a 1000 words!  Namibia, a stunning country filled with adventure just waiting to unfold, well-kept campsites, awesome lodges, an abundance of animals and  super-friendly  people with open faces and pretty smiles, who still have all the time of day for you!

And it just got better… Going to the western side of Namibia we reach the quaintcoastal town of Swakopmund and the old whale station town and harbor of Walvis Bay.  All I could see was the wild Atlantic Ocean flowing like a blue, silk dress outlining soft, flowing sand dunes called the Namib Desert.   The Namib deserts sands dunes glistening gold in the sun’s light to the very white sands of Northern Namibia set amongst the tall Makalani palm trees.  Namibia and its absolute contrasts make it unique!

Stepping bare feet into the Namib Deserts’ sand I felt the hot, golden, sand grains between my toes giving me a sense of freedom, unexplainable!  Just a while ago the wild Atlantic sea had licked at my feet and now while sitting on a high sand dune, I felt the sea’s mist blowing softly into my face and the combination of desert, sea, cool mist and sun so surreal, yet so tangible!

I again realized what a beautiful country Namibia is. Over and over I keep falling in love with all this country has to offer.  And then…. the sunsets mesmerize like no photo or picture can portray!

Every days end, as the sun sets, it seems to say, “Good night, sleep tight,” in a very special way.  God’s awesome paintings in the skies, given as a gift, every day!  The deep rich colours of orange, red, yellow and pink fusing together so creatively just overwhelms me every time and then I hear the sunset say, “I love you”, just one more time today…”

If time could stand still, this is where I want it to wait a while for me!  To enjoy the array of beauty and breathe in the peacefulness and then…

Night comes and once again…. we are blessed with clear Namibian skies where every star seems closer and brighter! A braaivleis fire burns high into the open night sky shooting off its yellow, bright sparks.  Smells of meat being braaied calls the jackals to investigate!  Here everyone is good company and tomorrow’s adventures are discussed happily while sipping on a Namibian brewed beer or Marula Vigo!  A country with excellent infrastructure, kept well, without spoiling the beauty of nature.

When God created Namibia and its people with their beautiful smiles, a land rich in culture, very cosmopolitan and with its rich diversity all I can say…

Adventure is one thing you’ll never miss in Namibiaand with all its’ tales of hippos and lions, crocodiles and kapana, dolphins and seals, snakes and chameleons, sand boarding and shooting stars will just add greatly to your adventures!

And in this freedom of mindset, I feel privileged to be a part of Namibia’s sunsets, sea, sand, stars and golden smiles of all its’ beautiful people and so will you!


Samantha Visser