What inspires me about Namibia…

What inspires me about Namibia…

What inspires me about Namibia is the analogy between her nature and her people.

The contrast of her people and nature lies within the similarities of their differences, so many differences, yet so similar in consciousness. A manifestation of unconditional conditions.

Namibia, a beloved country of peace and tranquility at the heart of individual, spiritual and political conflict and drama.

What inspires me about Namibia is her simplicity in complexity. While some of her citizens has a simple belief system, others are basking in the complexity of theirs.

Her sun shining like an awe-inspiring crystal, spreading out to every corner of the country, without favour to a particular area, all in fairness within the deepest fibres of her “being”.

What inspires me about Namibia is her ability to draw on the perfection of her senses and inspire the “appreciator” to fully and entirely intensify their own ability to taste, smell, touch, hear and see the perfection of her contrast. Contrast on all possible levels of her existence, easily, utterly and entirely, that’s Namibia.

Namibia is a land of greatness, a land of exuberance, excitement, zest and vigour. A country of reflection and refraction of similarity in difference of tribes, complexion, culture, habit, language, character, behaviour, expression, interpretation, communication, intellect and so much more. Namibia is evidence and revelation of a clear path of supreme and divine creation and abundance.

Her sun shines easily and effortlessly and creates a feeling of appreciation and care. Appreciation for an opportunity to bask in the rays and simply relax and allow the unfolding of nature into the perfection that plays itself of. Care for the environment, the people of Namibia and the visitors who yearn for abundance of her sunshine while the indigenous Namibian so often takes it for granted.

Namibia, a land who encourage diversity in uniformity. A land that allows the individual to expand to her full potential like her sand dunes, rocks, the Sea, contrasting scenery, her wildlife, her open supreme skies, her history, rich and with so much extravagance, no shortage, no limit.

Incrementally expanding on so many levels of clarification, domination, attention and affection.

What inspires me about Namibia is that she inspires the art of allowance and the release of resistance with no objection to influence anything that you desire, giving you the opportunity to create your ultimate results. Shining results inspired by positive action.

What inspires me about Namibia is that she gives a sense of well-being, ease and eagerness. Her openness and willingness to embrace whoever sets foot on her soil, like a mother, always ready to receive, forgive, nurture and embrace.

Namibia, our motherland of unconditional love, care, affection and perfection.


Annelien P. van Wyk