I am and will always be a proud African child

I am and will always be a proud African child


I am and will always be a proud African child, for me Namibia will always be home sweet home, and a very special Country because this is where I was born and raised with my identical twin sister in a small west coast town of Swakopmund.
With it’s beautiful historical buildings,and raoring see, and just an hours drive from Swakopmund lies another little coatsal town of Hentiesbay where our  German grandfather Siegfried Köstens moved his family to start a new life where he opened the first little shop that sold the most necessities, he also smoked his own Barber fish witch he sold for a living  to the few inhabitants before it became a town.
I still remember the first outing inland  when we were ten years old to the Etosha salt pans with my uncle Siegfried and his family in their Volkswagen Combi.

I was in awe of this amazing salt pans where so many different kind of animals and birds species can survive in such a dry but beautiful country,but when it rains you can smell the fresh wet ground and see how the thirsty fields blossom into new life witch you never knew could  exists under  the ground. We truely live in such a diversity of landscape form trees and mountains to see, dunes and desert. where ever in the world will you find such a contrast between land and see.

I have experience so many different cultures and there believes.
We have to respect each other to live in harmony and peace.
There is so many things to say about Namibia and it is so very difficult to choose from, but what inspires me the most is Namibia in it’s whole. You can’t  take anything away,and you don’t have to add anything more, it is wild and perfect just as it is.

We have such a rich, interesting country so if I have to choose one thing  that inspires me the most about Namibia I will definitely say that it is Namibias people that inspires me the most, why because we have the friendliest people in the whole wide world we are also generous and kind, we are so fortunate to enjoy a variety feast of meats from game to red meats, poultry and fish, you can call us the “alle cart menu” of the world.

When you visit Namibia, you never want to leave or you will always want to come back for another visit.
We like to sit around a real, big,open  wooden fire and braai our delicious meats with freshly baked breads, jams and salads or pap and sous, we also have the best beer and so many different adventures to keep you busy for the extremist to the lazy, relaxing sun bathers.

You can’t leave our country before you haven’t slept in one of our many beautiful lodges or in the  desert under the big open skies where the blinking stars will tell you there own stories of kings and soldiers.
When the sun sets in the west in a rainbow collage of purple, orange, red yellow and blue, it will take your breath away.
I could never leave Namibia to immigrate to another country because I will forever be heartbroken.
I just love our beautiful, wild,open, dry country.
We always say you will love it or you wil hate it but you will never know before you haven’t tasted Namibia for yourself.
By Urte van der Watt